LUEL Solidarity Statement with Amazon Labor Union

Labor United Educational League (LUEL) stands in solidarity with Amazon Labor Union (ALU) against the attempts by ultra-leftists to destabilize the union. Attempts to circumvent ALU’s Constitution and force an election instead of organizing and mobilizing the rank-and-file in their fight for their first contract in effect prevents the ALU from fully entrenching itself as a counterbalance to Amazon’s monopolistic anti-worker practices.

History has countless examples of similar actions—which in our opinion—amount to nothing more than an attempt to deceive the rank-and-file using progressive slogans such as “democracy” which without context sound correct, but in effect help the bosses bust the union. In reality, these wreckers put forward anti-union slogans in left disguise. To make matters worse it is obvious that sinister forces who pride themselves on “troublemaking for troublemaking’s sake”, but merely act as controlled opposition, are influencing these actions.

Amazon Labor Union has been a bright spot of militancy that the US labor movement has desperately needed  for decades. ALU has also made great strides for US labor by working with the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) which is the premier international labor federation organized on class-oriented trade unionism. LUEL calls on all class-oriented trade unionists to stand with ALU in their fight against ultra-left forces whose actions can only lead to co-option by the business unionists they claim to despise.

For Class-Oriented Trade Unionism

In Unity,
Labor United Educational League