LUEL on the Rail Strike Interference, “Biden, Congress back off!”

President Biden’s call for congressional action to forcibly legislate a contract that railroad workers have refused to accept is an affront to the workers who have made their demands clear. The demands of the workers are simple, 7 days paid sick time off. This push to force a rejected deal down the throats of the rail workers is coming from the self-proclaimed “Most Labor-Friendly President” in history. Once again proving that the Democrats are not a pro-worker party but a party of capital, just like the Republicans.

To make matters worse the largest federation of trade unions in the US, the AFL-CIO, has been completely silent on this attack by Biden. The silence is deafening!!! Instead of confronting the issue head on, AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler—in private—is quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of focus on what’s NOT in the agreement, & not enough on what IS—bottom line, it’s a good contract!” The railroad workers disagree! Adding insult to injury, the AFL-CIO has been busy organizing support for the anti-labor, Fascist Zelensky regime in Ukraine, sitting idly by while workers are being attacked at home.

Labor United Educational League (LUEL) condemns Biden’s cowardly, undemocratic position calling on congress to uphold the desires of the railroad Robber Barons. The process of a union agreement must maintain its democratic integrity and the voices of the railroad workers must be heard as they are the only ones who should choose when an agreement has been reached. We also condemn the AFL-CIO’s latest display of being little more than pawns for finance capital, while failing to have the backs of workers.

All power to the railroad workers!
Biden, Congress back off!
Long live class conscious trade unionism!

In unity,
Labor United Educational League (LUEL)